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Bathroom Edition newsletter


Get the look you've always dreamed of at Tile Warehouse!  Feature Walls ... beautiful, elegant floor tiles ... decorative mosaics and the latest design styles from Italy and Spain.

With the many home improvement series airing on televisions, it's easy to get inspired about your own home! Whether it be a new build or renovation, at Tile Warehouse we have the best design range in the country to add spice to floors or an amazing feature on walls.

Above are just some options for feature walls or splashbacks. Teamed with a quick look at some of our beautiful floor tiles, you can have the home you dream of. See our website to view our latest ranges;
We welcome you into our stores to view our range of over 1200 tile options. With our fully trained staff, we would love to assist you in choosing an amazing product for your renovation or build project.

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