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DIY Series - Overlay Flooring Installation


ALPINE Overlay flooring: The perfect DIY option to renew your kitchen and living spaces


ALPINE Stone Composite, the latest innovation in flooring, provides the durability of stone with the warmth of timber. It's also incredibly simple to install so if you're keen on DIY, this is the flooring for you!

The range is extensive with 14 on-trend colourways to select from to suit all design tastes.


ALPINE planks are made up of five distinct layers each working in partnership to create a floor that will stand up to the tough demands of life.

These layers are bonded together in a one-step heat fusion process, not glued, so they won't de-laminate.  

ALPINE is easy to install and following careful instruction, can be installed by any keen DIY'er.


Some key considerations before commencing your installation are as follows. For detailed installation instructions, download our ALPINE Installation Guide HERE.

* Ensure your substrate is stable and flat before proceeding.

* ALPINE is a floating floor and therefore not attached to the substrate so it needs to be able to move as the building/room moves with climate changes, therefore it's important (especially in areas of intense sunlight) that adequate expansion joints are planned for around the perimeter of the room to allow for any potential movement.

* Kitchen units should not be installed on top of Alpine flooring as this will lock the floating floor into place meaning that if there is movement in the building and/or expansion due to significant temperature changes, then the floor cannot move and expand. Instead, install ALPINE flooring around the cabinetry once in place.

* The preferred option is to leave off skirting boards/take off to allow ideally a 10mm expansion joint but not less than 6mm without any spacers of debris left in the gap between the wall and edge of the Alpine or boards. If you cannot remove skirting boards, undercut the boards with a multi-tool or similar to enable the Alpine to be installed with a minimum gap of 6mm (10mm is preferred) under the skirting boards.

* If heavy furniture is to be placed on the floor, expansion joints may need to increase. Check our Installation Guide for details.

* ALPINE can be installed over Underfloor heating so long as there is a minimum of 12mm separation from the floor. Check our Installation Guide for details.


ALPINE is Ortho-Phthalate Free and is free from DOP (Dioctyl phthalate) and DNIP (Di-isononyl-phthalate) and formaldehyde. Free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and has been given Floorscore certification. Better yet Alpine is 100% recyclable!

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Due to its affordability and ease of installation, ALPINE has become increasingly popular for those renovating.


Ready to get started?! We have all the information you need!


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