Choosing the right grout is a critical element of any ceramic tile and stone installation. Technological advances are triggering the development of grouts that last longer, enable faster installation and help ensure easy maintenance over the lifetime of the surface.

Today’s tiles are larger, grout joints are smaller and end users expect higher grout performance. Therefore grouts with high stain resistance, stable colour consistency, low shrinkage and controlled viscosity to ease installation that also require no sealing are quickly becoming the new standard.

Finding tile grout that withstands the test of time is an ongoing challenge for installers. While the basic functionality of grout remains largely unchanged—filling in joints between floor and wall tiles, preventing the edges from chipping or cracking, and maximizing the beauty of tile—suppliers continue tinkering with formulations to keep up with ever changing tile formats.

Custom Building Products latest grout technology designed to meet these market expectations is Fusion Pro Single Component Grout. Fusion Pro is warrantied to be stain proof and colour perfect, making it ready to use from the get-go. The single component grout is factory mixed, so there is no need to add water, mix on site or allow for slake time prior to grouting. It is easy to spread, you install and clean up immediately and it requires no sealing. When you’ve finished the job any remaining product in the pail is good to use another day hence there is no waste.

The stain resistance, colourfastness, ease of use and single component chemistry make Fusion Pro a far superior grout to cementitiuos products. It’s performance is much closer to that of 100% solid epoxy grouts but is much easier to use, requires no mixing and maintians a degree of flexibility unlike epoxy products.   

Fusion Pro is available at Tile Warehouse and comes in 8 standard colours.

Currently available at these leading stores; Tauranga, Whangarei, Wellington, Orakei, Penrose, Henderson, Wairau.