WECHAT SEPT 2019 PROMOTION | Tile Warehouse



This month, Tile Warehouse are offering those who sign up to our TILE WAREHOUSE WECHAT account during the month of September 2019, 25% off all Tiles, Stone & Mosaics.*

We look forward to seeing you in store to assist with your renovation and build needs. Our store personnel are design trained and happy to advise on appropriate products fit-for-purpose and any technical enquiries you may have.

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* WECHAT PROMO Terms & Conditions:

1. 25% off our range of ceramic and porcelain tiles, stone and mosaics only. 

2. Discount does not include ALPINE Stone Composite, Indent Product, Adhesives, Grout & Tools.

3. Discount expires on 31 March 2020.

4. Voucher only for use on full-priced tiles.

5. One discount per purchase.

6. Not to be redeemed for Cash.

7. Redeemable at selected Tile Warehouse stores.

8. Valid for product in stock only.


Tile Warehouse 微信公众号促销,25%折扣!

本月, 所有关注我们Tile Warehouse微信公众号的客户,在购买瓷砖,石材和马赛克砖的时候,都会享有25%的优惠。

我们期待您的光临! 无论您是装修还是建新房 我们都会竭诚为您服务。我们的店员都经过专业的设计培训,乐意为您解答所有有关产品和技术的咨询。



1 陶瓷,瓷砖,石材,马赛克砖的优惠是25%

 2  此折扣不适用于Alpine 石头复合地板,客户定制产品,瓷砖灰,勾缝剂,工具。

3 该优惠券可使用的截止日期为2020年3月31日。

4 此优惠仅适用于购买全价的瓷砖。

5 此优惠只可用来购买一次。

6 此优惠不可用来兑换现金。

7 此优惠适用于所有选定的Tile Warwhouse店。

8 此优惠仅限有库存的产品。