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A fabulous coloured wood look available in 30 colours in 80x400mm and it’s rated PEI 4 and R10! A glazed porcelain designed to look like funky coloured timber will be a stunning addition to any project. 32 pieces per box and 45 different faces so no box ever contains the same design twice!

Suitable for floor and wall, internal and external and also suitable for commercial projects. Some colour options listed left but for full range colour options, download the brochure below.

Note: This is an indent product available by order. Approximate shipping time is 45 days.

* Unfortunately this range cannot be included in our sales.

Matt, Interior
Frost Resistant
PEI Rating
PEI Class 4 Rating: Moderate to heavy traffic. All residential applications as well as medium commercial and light institutional.
10 years (unless otherwise specified)

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Price range $150+

(Price range ex Auckland)