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Travertine Beige Paver 20Mm
travertine beige paver 20mm

These 20mm thick tiles in 600x600mm are suitable for heavy commercial use or outdoor residential use, in compliance with Council laws and in conjunction with our PRO-JACK support system.

Co-efficient of friction 0.56. Weight capacity/tile: 10850 Newtons / 1106kg

Porcelain pavers tend to be more interesting in design compared to traditional pavers, and they often complement a 10mm porcelain range. This way they can be used both inside and outside creating internal,  external flow.

20mm Porcelain Pavers are twice the thickness of most tiles and have all the benefits of a regular porcelain tile. They are the ideal paving solution in that they will not stain, fade and require no treatment. They are also easy to install. Porcelain pavers and slabs can be laid dry on sand, grass, or gravel or they can be laid on concrete with adhesive, as you would a traditional porcelain tile. Another 
alternative is to lay them using adjustable, raised supports such as our Pro-Jack supports with open joints allowing for drainage and providing a level tiled area out from doors to exterior living areas.

Also available in matt version for indoor areas in 600x600x10mm for perfect indoor/outdoor flow.

Matt, Structured / Exterior, Interior
Frost Resistant
PEI Rating
PEI Class 4 Rating: Moderate to heavy traffic. All residential applications as well as medium commercial and light institutional.
Technical Specifications
10 years (unless otherwise specified)

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Price range $100-150

(Price range ex Auckland)