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6 ideas to use Gorgeous Green in your Bathroom


Green in the bathroom is stunning – it creates a fresh, clean-looking room that is neither clinical nor cold. And we have some beautiful tiles that will make your bathroom an enviable space.

Whichever tone or shade you love, from cool, refreshing pale mint green to the smart and sophisticated grey-greens like sage and olive, it goes with pretty much everything you care to throw at it.  

Green being a strong colour from nature, can be calming on the eyes but also perfect for invigorating your mood. Below we bring you 6 ways to bring this fabulous colour into your Bathroom spaces;



1. Lighter shades and tones of green can add a freshness to the design and hint of colour to the room without overpowering the overall scheme. Shades includes mint, verdone and light green shades.

Featured above: Harmony Mint | Arnold Sea | Vita Natura | Aria Green


2. Zesty and Strong greens can add a zing to the room, taking centre stage with a bold and beautiful statement.

Featured above: Lume GreenStromboli ViridianZellige Bosco


3. Floor tiles can be the focal point, such as using pattern or geometric designs or they can support the rest of the room scheme. Give your bathroom a fun, exotic feel with tiles that incorporate vibrant hues like bold blues, reds, oranges, greens and yellows.

Featured above: Arts Seurat | Arts CassatSylvania Loft


4. Green tile, plain or decorative, can be included in a shower recess, making a bold statement.

Featured above: Aria Green


5. Use Decorative Green tiles to bring nature in and create a stunning and original design

Featured above: Helsinki | Zellige SalviaHelsinki


6. Add Decorative tiles or Mosaics to your splash back or create a feature wall.

Featured above: Stucci TiffanyAria GreenZellige SalviaGrunge Aqua


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