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What type of tiles are best for outdoors?


What options do I have for outdoor spaces?

The options for outdoor spaces are numerous! These days, advanced technology means porcelain tiles emulate natural stone with colour running through the entire tile. They are also frost and stain-resistant whilst their slip-resistant finish makes these tiles perfect for outdoor use, especially around pools and outdoor entertaining areas.

Alongside one of NZ's largest tile ranges, Tile Warehouse also prides itself on having one the largest ranges of Exterior 20mm Outdoor porcelain paver ranges. From dark and dramatic greys to classic travertine-looks, they are the go-to, obvious choice for design combined with the least maintenance. CLICK HERE to view our range >>>


What is the difference between an outdoor and indoor tile?

Outdoor/external tiles are specially formulated to withstand frost, thermal shock, wear, and durability. They also have to conform to certain slip standards in order to pass New Zealand Building Codes. Our trained Tile Warehouse staff can assist you in selecting the right tiles for your home or project. 

Most of the tiles we stock are suitable for internal flooring if we exclude the beautiful wall decorators, mosaics, etc. Interior tiles are usually about 10mm in thickness and have varying finishes from polished, honed, matt, and many others, depending on the look you desire and the room you are tiling. Start narrowing down your choices with us by viewing our website or visiting or design-trained staff at one of our 28 stores. 

NB: If you are looking to purchase outdoor tiles, always visit a reputable tile supplier so you can ensure you install tiles that are fit-for-purpose for your chosen area!


Should my outdoor and indoor tiles match?

Indoor / Outdoor flow is a priority for many Kiwi's. A flooring option that can flow between these two spaces, unbroken, is more often preferred by our customers. Splitting the 'floor' areas can stagnate the flowand is not as 'easy on the eye'. With the affordability of tiles these days, it makes sense to tile throughout living spaces and into the exterior to achieve continuity so if you're keen on this look come and chat with us in-store.

Tile Warehouse can assist you by showing you the ranges we have that provide both indoor and outdoor coverage so pop in and see us at one of our 28 stores Nationwide.

Are certain tiles more likely to add value to your home?

Porcelain floor tiles are not just a source of beauty and enjoyment, though that is what they do best! They are also an investment in the value of your home. As today’s housing market experiences tumult, potential buyers are savvier and can often see past a new coat of paint to the foundation of the home. They are looking for quality, in addition to appearance.

A well-crafted tile floor adds value as it implies a level of commitment and care that reflects the quality of the rest of your home. It intimates the lasting quality they can expect and the best news is that, as the seller, you will be able to ask a higher listing price range because the property you are selling has a higher value!

How thick should an outdoor tile be?

That all depends on the surface area you are covering. Tiles are, on average, 10mm in thickness. When laid outdoors any surface product needs to have a grip surface that is non-slip (and building code-compliant). They also need to be produced to a standard whereby they maintain their quality in all weather and wear conditions. When you invest, ensure you purchase from a reputable supplier like Tile Warehouse where you are supplied with only first-grade quality and covered by appropriate product warranties.

Pavers are also an excellent option and these come in a 20mm thickness. Tile Warehouse has an extensive range of porcelain pavers many of which have indoor options to create that kiwi-loved indoor/outdoor flow. 

What are "Jack" tiles?

Also known as Porcelain Pavers, 'Jack' tiles are usually 20mm thick and can be laid on grass or sand but also in conjunction with pro-jacks. Pro-jacks, available exclusively from Tile Warehouse, are pods that are required in some areas of NZ if tiles are installed on outdoor decks. They are also height-adjustable so the solution for outdoor areas that require tiles to be raised up to the level of an interior living space. This creates a level threshold for optimum indoor-outdoor flow.

The void between the deck & the membrane can be used to accommodate pipes & other services. 


Our rock-solid 20mm Porcelain Pavers are low maintenance and can be laid on grass, on sand, or on decks.

* Some Council bylaws stipulate that pro-jacks are used when installing tiles on decks. CLICK HERE for further information >>> 


It's definitely pool season at Tile Warehouse! This is the time of year in which we are inundated with customers gearing up for summer and requiring tiles for their pool surrounds as well as and 'nosings' to complete the picture. We are geared up with some gorgeous tiles and mosaics to create a real splash...

Check out some great options HERE >>>

What is a 'nosing' tile?

Also known as a 'Bullnose' or 'Coping', these tiles are used for a number of purposes from pool surrounds to stair treads. They are either curved or straight-sided and for swimming pools, provide a cap for the edge so that any water that is splashed out of the pool flows away and down into deck drains.



Mosaics for Pools

Glass mosaics are great for adding a splash of colour to a pool, and can be used to border or tile the entire pool for a long-lasting sparkling finish. We import a range exclusive to Tile Warehouse for this very purpose. These glass mosaics are plastic faced which is a unique advantage of these tiles because there is no netting on the back. This ensures 100% glue coverage which means these won’t fall off over time. This system is completely unique to Tile Warehouse and is the most fool-proof way of ensuring complete adhesion and future-proofing the longevity of your mosaics.

Chip size 20mmx20mmx4mm sold in 327x327mm sheets. Note we can also order in 10mm and 20mm chip sizes.

The extensive BIZ-ART range is far more affordable than other glass mosaics on the market! Perfect for not just pools but also bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks (see below!), and other wet areas. Check them out here....they're gorgeous. 


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